About Us

Gianni Kristal perpetuates Being Essential Never Goes Out of Style. 

Established in 2019 with the brands smoothest lipgloss, Gianni Kristal envisioned to ensure essential items needed for our everyday lifestyle. 

Born and Raised in West Philadelphia, Gianni Kristal had a passion for creating her own business all her life. Not only did she want to create a business but she became a positive influence to others in life. Throughout her struggles of being hard of hearing she did not let that stop her from overcoming her dreams. The gift she is giving from God, keeps her pushing and motivated in life. She became essential to others in a positive way. Today when people need motivation they crave her energy. It is essential for people to crave good energy from you, it is essential to become yourself, it is essential to be a positive leader, it is essential to chase after your dreams, it is essential to feel confident in who you are. It is essential to find your purpose in life. Being essential will never go out of style. It starts with yourself!